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For those who have been around for a while, you might have noticed that there has been an ABS craze in the past few years or so. However, it can be somewhat difficult to find quality ABS equipment. What is it and how do you get it? How do you use it? Can you make a difference? Read on to find out.

Automobiles have changed tremendously over the years. In the 1960’s all car manufacturers used straight edge straight six engines in their sports cars and they didn’t offer any real aerodynamic aids. Acura was the only company to develop sporty automobiles that incorporated a sporty suspension and dynamic aerodynamics, but by the end of the decade, most companies were racing their sporty cars with small airbars, low ride height, stock bodies and rather large tires.

Now we are seeing a new trend arising with more companies racing their high performance cars with sporty suspension, low ride height, and powerful engines. What was once reserved for sports cars is now available for sedans, trucks, and SUV’s. Acura is leading the way with Acura Performance Parts. In fact, many of Acura’s performance parts are sport inspired, such as the SRX Performance Steering Wheel and SRX Suspension kits. These designs are getting great reviews from drivers.

If you look at Acura’s sports car offerings, you’ll see that most of the emphasis is placed on efficiency. In fact, Acura’s new line of cars is downright fuel efficient. The company has developed new, fuel-efficient engines and new transmissions that help save money while providing better performance. The new Civic models are being redesigned for fuel efficiency. All models come standard with a 2.0-liter Honda twin fuel engine that promises to improve gas mileage by up to 10 percent. Other small changes, such as wider doors and revised seat belts, help to keep your ride comfortable and secure.

With the advent of such news, many of us will surely be tuning our Acura models to keep up with the times. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Acura is a Japanese-based company that specializes in making performance cars. Since its beginning, Acura has been improving on its design and now holds more reputation than most Japanese companies. One such change is the addition of Acura’s logo on their performance-oriented parts. As another example, Acura recently added the TRD performance Traction System to their lineup.

The TRD (True Temperament Driving) system is one of the largest innovations in vehicle dynamics today. Developed by Acura, it uses a set of computer sensors that monitor the performance of the brakes and drives to give your Acura sports car the most efficient possible drive. You can also expect more updates to the Acura WRX car performance parts lineup. Keep checking back with autosport or news.

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