What to expect in the off season for the south auto racing news

southern auto racing news

The Southern Auto Racing Association has announced that it will host its own annual exhibition in Merville, MS from May 15-16. The meeting is being co-hosted by the MRSA. This year’s guest speakers include Dr. George Romanko, former NASCAR Cup Series racer, and Dr. Earl Isaac, who is an expert in neurodegenerative disorders. Both are well known and respected names in the world.

Dr. Earl Isaac is well known as a champion NASCAR racecar driver and has several victories to his credit. As a result of being a champion driver, he earned a Ph.D in Brain Tumor Nutrition from the University of Miami. In addition, he has been involved in researching and practicing nutrition therapy for over 35 years. Dr. Isaac is also a champion NASCAR team owner, having previously owned or worked with the following teams: Furniture Collection Association, Furniture Connection, American Racing Club, and Pace-Motive.

Dr. George Romanko is another champion NASCAR driver, having claimed several victories in his career. Most notably, he was part of the winning crew that completed the Formula One debut of Ferrari at the Monaco Grand Prix event in 1994. In addition to being a NASCAR driver, Romanko has also been an auto racer in the late model Dirt Car classes, claiming victories in both the ARCA and Nationwide divisions. Many consider him to be the best dirt late model driver in the country.

Dr. Earl Isaac is also scheduled to be in attendance at this year’s Southern Auto Racing News Day. Many of those who have attended, and speak positively of the renowned doctor, feel that the timing of the induction ceremony, during a busy summer weekend, is unfortunate. Still, the timing coincides with Isaac’s most recent health difficulties, which took place while undergoing hip surgery. Although it is unknown whether those attending the rally would have been aware of such, it is known that Isaac is still alive and well. He is due to have another surgery soon, hopefully bringing to a close the sad situation which his family has faced for the last few months.

Another of Southern Auto Racing News highlights is the announcement of the cancellation of the PSPX speedway’s season schedule. The PSPX speedway, which was due to be launched in April, will not debut this year as planned due to a lack of financing. Originally, it was planned to run for ten races this season, including the PSPX National Level and PSPX Elite. Since the cancellation of the PSPX speedway, that includes all of the PSPX racing events, it is still unclear what will happen with the Ndlmhof race track, which had been slated to host its own PSPX speedway tournament.

Two more racing events have also been cancelled: The Kroger Cup presented by Kroger and the Belmont Street Modified Kart Series. It is unknown whether those two events will continue in 2021. The cancelations of the PSPX speedway, PSPX Nitro, and the Ndlmhof track all but eliminate any chance of this season being a successful season for dirt racing in the south. Even if the remainder of the remaining racing events go ahead, there is little chance that they will equal the amount of high profile victories that were missed in January. That is why Southern Auto Racing News is so heartened at the developments regarding the cancellation of the PSPX speedway; they know that this is a huge step towards giving the rest of the dirt motor racing teams something better to work on during the off season.

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