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Designer’s Women Online is the debut novel by writer/illustrator/comedian/writer, Linda Bloodworth Thomson. Set in contemporary times in a small Midwestern town, Bloodworth Thomson blends family life with her stand up comedy routine. In doing so, she manages to combine the worlds of family, women, the Internet, and, of course, humor. " ISBN: 0340251003" is the book’s tag line, while "asinine" is the way the book is commonly published in the United Kingdom.

"asinine" is the book’s proper name, yet "asinine" is how the book is commonly sold in the United Kingdom, where "tipsheets" are commonly called books. The funny thing about this nickname is that tipsheets are not really books; they are usually just handouts that help women with their personal financial matters. If you want financial information to help you with your own personal life, then you should probably look elsewhere for information. However, if you simply need information to help "tipsheets" give you more information, then go read "asinine" in the United States where tipsheets are called books.

In "otinine," Bloodworth Thomson sets up an interactive website that allows users to post comments and interact with each other. These interactions range from silly "tip" posts to forum-style discussions on anything and everything relating to designing women online. One of the things that set this blog apart from others is its "reader poll." Each week a reader votes on which topic or blog post she would like to see the most posts on.

One of the main themes of "otinine" is the ongoing effort of many bloggers and designers to "make blogging more relevant." This is accomplished by regularly posting relevant blog topics related to design tips for women. The hope is that the more a writer can relate to what she is writing about, the more likely her audience will be to absorb the information and be able to apply it. Bloodworth Thomson’s website is constantly being updated with new and relevant blog topics, so there is always something new to read.

There are also several sections on this website dedicated to topics that deal with specific issues in the fashion industry. For example, one section has a feature that lets readers comment on different articles that Bloodworth Thomson has written. There is even a gallery of photos on the website that allow the readers to see what designers have done with certain items.

Another "otinine" is the ongoing discussion on blogs regarding the representations of women in clothing and other industries. The purpose of these discussions is to ensure that there is consistent imagery of women that is designed and produced. There are often conflicts between what traditional imagery portrays women as. Many times this imagery comes from western culture, while at other times it comes from other cultures. This website was created in order to provide a platform for women to discuss these types of issues and to encourage designers to create more in-depth designs.

Another "otinine" found on the website is a series of quick get-togethers held weekly. These get-togethers are designed to provide quick design tips and to discuss current design trends. These get-togethers are designed to allow everyone an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on current designs. It is hoped that anyone who reads these design tips will be able to use them to create their own online portfolio.

Designing women online can be a challenging but exciting process. Many people look to the internet to get a glimpse of new design trends and to see what other people are doing. The website listed above offers a unique way for women to take control of their portfolio and to showcase their talents.