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Detroit has been in the automobile industry for a long time and it was founded nearly 90 years ago. It is the largest car manufacturing city in the US, and because of this many different types of products are made in the city. Detroit has lots of new buildings being built, and many new auto assembly plants are coming into being in the city. Because of all these things happening in Detroit auto news is needed to keep informed about all these developments. Auto news from Detroit includes new dealerships opening, new Ford, GM and Jeep vehicles are coming into the city, and also the new service and repair centers are opening up.

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In Detroit auto makers are having to expand their production facilities because of the large demand for new vehicles. New Ford cars are being put onto the lots of dealerships by Ford, and they are doing this in record numbers. Because of this the demand for new auto models has greatly increased. GM is also having to expand their operation in the city. They have several new auto manufacturing facilities now open, and they are building the cars and trucks that they want to produce under the Ford brand.

There are many new Ford vehicles coming into Detroit from both the General Motors and the Toyota Company. These are the two largest car companies here in the US. One of the most important auto manufacturers in the country is Toyota, and they are making cars both at the factory and at their dealerships in Michigan. Their North American division has many locations in Michigan. Because of all these things coming into the city, it is expected that employment in the field of automotive will be very high. Many of the new jobs will be in the areas of Detroit, where there is the highest unemployment rate.

The auto parts industry is also booming in the city. Many of the new auto body shops come into Detroit because of the number of people that now want to have their vehicles painted or stained. Auto body shops now service many of the cars that are not still in their garages. Many of these shops also do body modifications, which can increase the resale value of a vehicle, and make it look much better than it really is.

Detroit has an impressive list of theaters and music venues. Billie Jean was one of the first major African-American movies ever made. It was shot in Detroit, and the movie won six Oscars. Some of the other major African-American movies that have been shot in and around the city include Do The Right Thing, Chicago, and Chiropractors.

Finally, Detroit has a thriving gay and lesbian community. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been active in helping to find HIV victims in Detroit and across the nation. Gay and lesbian groups also frequent the St. Patrick’s Day parades in Detroit. Detroit is a very diverse city, and the auto industry is one of its greatest successes.

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