The future for empowered women and girls

empowered women have come a long way in the past few years. And there is so much more to the empowered woman than being strong and powerful. Women now have a variety of opportunities. The paid workplace has opened new doors for career women, as well as many other choices including volunteer work and community service. But most of all empowered women have learned to turn that which was negative into something positive.

empowered women

Empowered women are aware of the stereotypes about what a "strong" woman is supposed to be like. And while these gender roles remain to some degree, the extent to which they can be challenged is immense. Women’s empowerment includes being comfortable with self-empowerment through making decisions that do not depend on men or society. A woman’s decision-making process starts with her own perceptions and beliefs about herself, her capabilities, her place in the world and what she is capable of achieving. This can vary greatly from person to person.

There is an ongoing effort by some to redefine empowerment. Some call it social media empowerment. Others insist that true empowerment only comes from personal and social efforts to improve one’s life circumstances. Regardless of the term we use, the concept behind the concept is quite simple. Whether you call it empowerment or social media, the goal is the same.

Many in the third world are still living in patriarchal societies where the power of women is seen as second only to that of men. This is why many women are not comfortable with the idea of empowering themselves. For them, true gender equality means that the power they have is limited to those things that are not their own. And that includes the lives of others. For these women, gender equality means accepting the unequal power relations that women experience within the domestic and interpersonal context.

Fortunately, there are those who have made great contributions to our community. For example, Gloria Steinem was a tireless advocate for women’s rights. At first she was attacked for this, but later became one of the most well-respected and well-cited voices in the field of gender equity. And later, First Lady Hillary Clinton has made important strides forward in ensuring women’s health, rights and opportunities. Her name will forever be synonymous with gender justice.

It is important for any girl or woman of color to become familiar with the concept of female empowerment. But it is also important for that individual to understand that true empowerment comes from ensuring that gender inequality is not allowed to thrive. That means ensuring that everybody has a fair and equal chance to become what they are destined to be. And that also means that everyone is provided with access to a healthy and nurturing family life. With these concepts firmly entrenched, the future for empower women looks very bright indeed.