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Teslarati, a publicly traded company (TSLA), is the newest member of the electrified vehicle (EV) club. In addition to providing EV charging stations for buyers, Teslarati also sells and markets zero-emission vehicles and electric bikes. The Italian company has positioned itself as a leader in EV technology with its purchase of the Lucid Motors brand. As a result, Teslarati is the latest company to join forces with an established vehicle manufacturer such as GM.

The company’s mission is "to provide the best mobility at the most competitive prices for drivers across the globe." Recently, they announced a strategic alliance with General Motors’ (GM) division of Global Mobility. This alliance will expand their auto offerings by offering new zero emission vehicles and electric cars to customers around the world.

Today’s major auto makers are scrambling to find ways to produce more electric cars. Teslarati is one of the "gaps" in the EV space. Its first product, the Venapro vehicle, is slated to be available sometime in 2009. While no specifics have been released, it appears that the Venapro may well carry the same design as other EV options currently on the market. As additional models are developed and rolled out by the company, more Teslarati electric vehicle news will emerge.

As with any new EV launched today, there will be some controversy surrounding the reliability of the vehicle. One of the biggest questions revolves around how long the batteries will last for. Some car enthusiasts have suggested buying used Teslarati electric cars as they often come with a warranty and are less expensive than newer models. On the other hand, some industry experts believe buying a brand new vehicle with a new battery is the way to go.

The car is equipped with a standard six-speaker stereo featuring AM/FM tuner ability. It also features Bluetooth compatibility, with voice activation. Other features include a remote start and touch pad controls. The vehicle is also said to offer good handling, although not enough to set the bar high among competing vehicles. For those who insist on performance from their vehicle, however, the car is definitely lacking. The 0-turn ability is also cited as being substandard.

Other highlights of this month’s edition of Teslarati include an interview with California Highway Patrol officer Arturo Casanova. In the interview he discusses plans for future electric vehicle technology. One plan has police officers controlling a convoy of vehicles using remote control systems. Other ideas discussed included allowing motorists to make hands-free calls, have police, fire and EMS personnel called drivers using cell phones, and have police, fire and EMS vehicles responded to emergency calls with sirens. There was even discussion of making driving while drunk a more dangerous thing, with some suggesting stricter laws and penalties for those caught driving drunk.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new technological features Teslarati decided to cover was the incorporation of a vehicle data system that would allow drivers to remotely control another car in a collision. The system would allow a driver to stop the car in order to avoid a collision and meet other drivers on the road safely. The implementation of this system was featured in an interesting story in the March issue of Teslarati.

This month’s feature article was about the possibility of cars being outfitted with artificial intelligence software that would allow them to drive autonomously. This news is exciting to many people, but maybe not as much as the prospect of seeing a robotic car replacing human drivers in the driving process. The feature article pointed out several problems with such a system. Specifically, the authors noted that it might require drivers to learn a new set of driving rules, it might be expensive to integrate, and it might not be very accurate. However, the potential benefits are great, and the researchers hope to develop such a system in the future.

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