Shoulder workouts for women

Shoulder workouts for women can be very challenging because they have to work the entire shoulder. It is one of the most over worked muscles in the body. They also take a lot of strength to work effectively. Women that want to build their shoulder muscles should work both the upper and lower part of the shoulder. The upper part is the scapula and the posterior deltoid area. The lower part is the subscapularis muscle and the anterior shoulder blade muscles.

shoulder workouts for women

Good shoulder workouts will work the entire shoulder including the back, the scapula, the anterior shoulder blade muscles and the posterior shoulder blade muscles. In order to workout the back side, it is important to engage the back extensor muscles. The back extensor muscles help stabilize the spine. When these muscles are strong, you can eliminate the stress on the shoulders from the back side.

The shoulder workouts for women that work the scapula must target the scapula properly. The scapula is the triangular region behind the shoulder blade that is responsible for movement of the shoulder blade. Maintaining proper scapula alignment is essential in building the strength in this area. One of the best ways to do this is to perform overhead shoulder press ups. There are many exercises to accomplish this. Most of them involve holding an overhead weight with the arm bent over and the elbow straight.

Other exercises to improve the shoulder blade back health include overhead crunches and lateral raise. These exercises work the back as well but help prevent injuries to the shoulder blade and rotator cuff tendons. When doing overhead crunches, the person must keep the elbows straight and feet flat on the floor. When doing lateral raises, the person must raise arms over shoulders while inhaling. Other exercises that work the shoulder blade back area are wide arm and cable crossovers.

Upper back exercises also help strengthen the shoulder muscles. This area helps support the neck and spine and helps maintain proper posture. Exercises that build strength in this area include lat pull downs and bent-over rows. Another exercise that strengthens the upper back is the overhead triceps extension. This exercise isolates the triceps and works the back muscles without affecting the shoulders.

Good shoulder workouts also incorporate wide arm and cable crossovers. These both isolate specific muscles in the shoulder blade area and help strengthen those muscles specifically. These exercises have great success in helping shoulder injuries heal faster. By working all parts of the shoulder muscle group, shoulder workouts for women can ensure the prevention and rehabilitation of rotator cuff injuries.