How to cure frequent urination in older women

frequent urination in older women

When you think of the word frequent urination, the picture that comes to mind is that of a middle aged woman who is going through menopause and experiencing frequent urination. There is a reason for this though, many menopausal women experience frequent urination but it is not the result of menopause but rather because they are suffering with frequent urination problems because of lifestyle changes. For example, these women may be experiencing a slight bladder infection or they could have urinary incontinence, which is another problem that often results in frequent urination. In addition to lifestyle changes, there are certain medicines that women are taking that also can cause frequent urination problems.

Many women also find that as they move through menopause their body also goes through a change and this means that they are no longer as capable of regulating their urine flow as they once were. The result of this is that they will find that they end up having to urinate very frequently, which causes them to feel as if they cannot get it through their bodies and that it is embarrassing. On top of this, there are also various medical conditions that will also make a woman feel as if they cannot control their bladder movement and that can also lead them to end up experiencing frequent urination problems.

Some of these conditions include kidney disease, bladder stones and a number of other physical conditions. These women also need to consider their diet carefully. They need to make sure that they are drinking enough water and that they are eating plenty of fibrous foods. Fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables are known to help with controlling bladder pressure. Also, they need to get plenty of potassium, which is found in certain fruits and vegetables.

Many women do not realize that they can take certain medications that will actually cure the problem and that they will never suffer from frequent urination again. One of the most common medications that women take is called Triphala. This medication acts in the system by blocking the hormones that are causing women to have problems with bladder problems. The results for this type of medication in women are typically noticeable after a couple of months of taking it.

Another medication that women sometimes turn to is Dapotexine which is known to reduce pressure in the kidneys. Some women also find that when they take this medication, they feel less pain and discomfort in their lower abdomen. Also, it helps them get relief from problems such as chronic pelvic pain, which can also cause frequent urination.

For many women, the causes of frequent urination are due to one of three things. First, they are suffering from a symptom of a bigger problem. For example, women who have endometriosis may also experience chronic pelvic pain. Women who have problems with their kidneys may also have problems with urine flow and frequent urination. And lastly, some women have bladder stones that require surgical procedures in order to get relief from the pain.