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You will fall in love with News Fall Autobahn during a short stay at its luxurious hotel and motor coach inn. The inn is located not far from the Falls of Assumption National Park. You can take a train ride to the Park from your Falls. The picturesque park is one of the country’s most photographed spots, and you would not be disappointed by the scenery. This is also one of America’s favorite places for white water rafting adventures. The Fall is a spectacular place to raft as the rapids vary from moderate to tough.

You can see a lot more of the park than just the falls during your stay at the News. There are other things to do like hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. But it is the Falls of Assumption that capture your imaginations. The photo opportunities here are too numerous to cover in this article.

The Fall is the perfect backdrop to a wonderful day on the mountain. The photo opportunities around the base are extraordinary. The three falls themselves are worth a visit. The Mistfall is a dramatic area where you can view the base from several different angles. Look out for the areas marked off with black rocks. This is the most photographed area.

If you prefer to see more of the Fall then head up to the top of the Mistfall. Here you can see the base and the spillway from the top. There are other photo opportunities in these areas as well. For the most part, the top of the Mistfall is off limits to the general public.

The most photographed area at the News is the spillway. Here you can walk off the Falls while admiring the view. The spillway is also a great place to explore the geysers that shoot up from the spillway. You will find plenty of hiking and biking trails in and around the area.

Of course, no news article would be complete without mentioning the news from the North Woods. The first thing that you should do is visit the news campfire on the first day of camping. In addition to the news you will have the opportunity to make your campfire cookies. As with the Fall area, the news campfire is open to the public.

For a much more relaxing experience you can head up to the Nantahala River State Park. Here you will enjoy the miles of walking and hiking trails in a remote area. This is also a great area for bird watching and other nature activities. For those who prefer to stay closer to home, there are plenty of accommodations right on the park itself. Hotels, lodges and bed and breakfast establishments line the banks of the Nantahala River.

No matter which outlet you choose to go to when planning your upcoming vacation, there is plenty to do and see in the Northern Blue Ridge region of North Carolina. There is also plenty of great scenery to enjoy. This scenic area offers so many opportunities to have an enjoyable vacation. With the backdrop of falling autumn leaves and the sounds of the forest, the best vacation you will ever take will be one that you want to share with all of your friends and family.

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