Detroit auto accident investigation

Detroit, MI is not a city known for its criminal activity but there have been some high-profile crimes committed here in the past. In one case a 30-year-old woman was murdered inside her Detrick, Michigan auto home by an intruder who had been invited to visit her by her son. This article will follow the events leading up to this tragedy and why it is important to read about Detnews auto news and to find out what has been happening in this area of Michigan. The motive was a drug transaction gone bad.

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<p>The crime happened at about 7 p.m. on Sunday evening as the woman, identified as Joann Smith, was getting her car ready to leave her boyfriend’s house when a struggle took place between her and the would be intruder. She suffered a gunshot wound to her upper back and died at the scene. The intruder was taken into custody and later identified as 30-year-old Tyreek Dewayne Johnson. Police are still looking for the motive of the shooting and believe it may be drug related.</p>
<p>Joann Smith was a widow with three young boys under the age of 7 years old. Her husband had recently lost his job and she was running a small business from her home making minimum wage. She was also raising a teenage daughter on a part time basis. Police believe she was trying to sell her auto and had left it running and unattended while she was at work. A brief search of her car found no cash in the car and no signs that she had ever worked on the vehicle or had completed any type of auto repair.</p>
<p>Investigators are now working on the scene of the crime to try and discover why she would have left her vehicle unoccupied for several days. Her car was found a short distance away from where she was last seen. Investigators believe she may have run off somewhere else since she was alone. Her son told detectives that he thought his mother was having a breakdown because she had been out of character lately. He said that Joann did not come home that day and did not come back at all the next day.</p>
<p>Investigators believe Joann knew something was wrong with her car before she took it missing. They found blood inside of her vehicle. The temperature on the floor of her car was low and consistent. She has never been known to drive drunk and she is extremely cautious. This is a very common sign of someone who may be in distress and in need of help.</p>
<p>Investigators believe Joann was probably trying to get away from something when she took off. Her purse was found nearby, but there were no signs of a struggle. Her purse contained a substantial amount of her credit cards and some money. Her cell phone was lying beside the steering wheel. It appears that Joann was trying to call a service station on her cell to report her missing vehicle.</p>
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Police are offering a reward of fifty dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this woman. The Detroit auto industry is in deep trouble and has closed several offices. Many workers have lost their jobs in the wake of this tragedy. The car manufacturing center could close if the financial problems with the company cannot be fixed quickly. This is a huge blow to the community and the city.

Many in the auto industry and in the local community are praying for the best for this struggling auto industry. Many question how long will the auto industry be able to remain open with so many losses. If you have any information pertaining to this case, contact the Detroit Police Department. They are asking for your assistance in solving this case.

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