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Dads Auto Newport News, Virginia is a well-known and respected regional newspaper. It is one of the best kept secrets of the south for both the car savvy dad and the weekend warrior dad. Whether it’s your first time going to the family garage or you are taking your children out for their very first date, this is the place to go. You will find great articles, reviews and local events all in one convenient location. You will also find a number of tools and information on the latest cars, parts and accessories for your car or truck.

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If you need to find out about local car auctions Dads Auto News can help you out. We publish an "Auction Cam" feature every month where we invite Dad’s from across the country to come and see what is on offer at the local car auction. In April we featured a number of new hot rods from around the country including a Yamaha Tribute to a Classic Car, Dodge Ram Caravan, and Ford Focus. The Ford Focus was one of the most popular models that week and was actually one of the fastest growing new vehicles at the event.

There are also articles that discuss new hot vehicle technologies such as high beams, daytime running lights, and even xenon headlights. If you have always wanted to know what is new on the streets and on your car then Dads Auto Newport News has all the information you need. There are also features that discuss the future of transportation with cars like self-parking, Apple Eyes, hands-free GPS and lane assist. You can learn about all kinds of new gadgets for your car or truck on this website.

In addition to all the latest cars and technology there are also features that talk about the history of Dads Car Club. This is a club that was started in 1985 and provides support for older dads who own Dads vehicles. The goal of Dads Car Club is to get dads involved in their own life-saving accidents that may occur on the roads by lending their support to other dads who are in an accident. This is a great website that gives all the latest and greatest car and truck news and articles from all over the world. There is even a section of the site dedicated to funny stories, videos, and photos from around the world.

In addition to all of the great information that Dads Auto Newport News has to offer all dads who own cars should also take advantage of all of the discount coupons that they can find on this website. Many of the coupons can be found right on the homepage of the website, making it easy for all the dads in your life to take full advantage of the savings that are offered. There are also many great deals and money saving offers available when it comes to shopping for cheap used cars and trucks. Fathers who are trying to save money should take full advantage of the car auction offerings that Dads Auto Newport News has to offer. The classified listings feature many different types of vehicles including used cars, luxury sedans, and exotic vehicles.

Dads Auto Newport News is a great online source for all sorts of information for all sorts of people. With the latest articles on the newest products and latest trends in the auto industry, dads can make sure they always have the latest information available. This is one website that any dad should check out when they are interested in saving money. Dads can also register for free to receive emails that will keep them up to date on all of the latest trends in the auto industry. If you have always wanted to know what is happening in the world of automobiles, then dads, stop reading this article and start reading Dad’s Auto Newport News.

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