Automotive news top 100 supplier list – part 2

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automotive news top 100 supplier

In Detroit, where there are four major automotive assembly plants, all of them are crucial to the success of the industry as a whole. The Motor City has the most manufacturing plants in the country, and almost every automaker has a presence in the city. A lot of the products we use every day, such as air conditioning units, engines, transmissions, wheels, and brakes, are developed at the GM and Ford assembly plants. Both of these plants are highly automated with many of the jobs requiring computers and other computer-like equipment. With a dwindling population, and a need to maintain a strong and robust economy, both of these large employers are crucial to the success of both plants.

In Detroit, the largest automaker, Chevrolet, employs over 12 million people. Their assembly capacity is second only to Toyota, and they have an established network of dealers around the state. The automaker is making new investments in both its facilities in the works and its sales operations and is expected to have some fairly substantial job cuts over the next few years. These are also part of a new investment plan for the company that will raise total investment over the next five years to nearly $30 billion. This is a big deal for an industry considering the recent downturn, and is a positive sign for the automotive industry overall.

Toyota is another powerhouse in the automotive industry, especially in their home country of Japan. Toyota Motors has several key bases including the Toyota Motor Corporation (TM) in Tokyo, the Toyota Foundry in Yokohama City, and the Toyota Production and Maintenance System in Toyota City, which are located in Building 10 of the Toyota Plant. The company also has two additional engine plant facilities as well as a transmission and production facility. The two main plants employ over two hundred thousand people, employing nearly seventy percent of the Japanese auto industry’s workforce. Adding to the importance of this company is the fact that it recently became the largest automobile manufacturer in terms of the gross car sales in the world.

Honda, Nissan, and Acura are also significant players in the auto industry, and each one of them have new announcements regarding building plants or expansion projects. Honda has several manufacturing plants including the Hondaotive factory in Wisconsin Dells, and the Honda Motor Manufacturing facility in Sacramento. Nissan has its transmission and production facility in Mexico and is expanding its SUV and crossover units. Acura has recently announced plans to build a new plant in Mexico and invest billions of dollars in the company’s future. All three companies indicate the importance of building international partnerships to promote automotive quality, safety, reliability, and eco-friendliness.

Honda will continue to make great advances in autonomous driving technologies, such as its Project Portal, that will enable vehicles to parallel park with no driver input. In contrast, Fiat Chrysler has recently announced plans to expand its Jeep pickup truck assembly plants from two to six and add two new vehicle design plants. Meanwhile, General Motors has committed itself to building two new plants in Mexico and Canada and is currently working on a new assembly plant in China.

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