Automotive news – the top 100 dealer groups

automotive news top 100 dealer groups

When it comes to car news and reviews, it seems that the top 100 most populous dealer groups always have something positive to say about hot new vehicles or modified models. In fact, many of the reviews and posts are submitted by the dealers themselves! So who is really getting ahead in the auto industry? Let’s take a look at the various car making manufacturers and find out who is on top.

Toyota topped the list at number one with 5.5% of the overall vote. With Toyota’s steady and predictable growth, it is easy to see why they are the number one choice when it comes to auto parts. They know how to build quality vehicles that last for years to come and the quality of their auto accessories and parts is also top notch. Toyota’s success with hybrid cars and trucks has also made them well-known among auto enthusiasts.

Number two in the polls is Ford. The Ford name is synonymous with quality and dependability and no auto part maker can match that claim. Ford continues to sell millions of cars each year and it appears they are never going out of style! The Ford name carries some reputability that other manufacturers fear because it is almost like a family brand. Every Ford car is known for its dependability and reliability and that definitely impacts sales.

Number three on the best-selling list is GMC. General Motors continues to lead the way in the muscle car segment and is definitely a name any auto enthusiast wants to hear. You can find practically any make, model, and model year under the GM automaker’s umbrella and finding one should not be a problem. GM’s longevity is another one of the reasons why they are still number one.

Chevrolet is right up there with Toyota in the auto world. The Stauffer Auto Company makes some fantastic cars and has been around since 1926. Some of you might not realize this but there is a whole division under the Stauffer Auto Group just for Pontiac! That’s quite impressive when you stop to think about it. Chevrolet is the host of the legendary Grand Prix event every year where drivers from around the globe to battle it out for the ultimate title. Grand Prix racing is all about innovation, creativity, and high performance cars and the company are at the forefront of those trends.

Last but certainly not least is Honda. No matter how long it has been in business, it still has the ability to surprise everyone with the great quality of its products. Many of its cars can compete with those from names like Toyota or GMC and they all have strong reputations in the automotive industry. Honda cars can be found everywhere but you may be surprised at the number of Asian made Honda offerings on the automotive news top 100 list. It may surprise you even more when you learn just how much horsepower some of these Japanese offerings can produce!

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