4 Questions you should ask yourself before you buy bras

should women wear bras

As we all know, underwires can be uncomfortable and annoying at times. They can also cause severe damage to the breast tissues. Because of this reason, many women are now looking for bras that will not only enhance their feminine appearance but will also help them avoid the discomfort brought by underwires. Underwires are made from the excess fat layer under your breasts, around the nipple and are usually fitted just above the natural crease of your breast. The term underwire comes from the fact that your breasts will be supported by the wire that runs under your armpits.

There are different reasons why you may need to purchase an underwire bra. Different shapes of breasts are required in different sizes. Women with sagging breasts need larger bras that will ensure their breasts are well supported. This way, they will not get saggy. Similarly, women with huge breasts should purchase bras of proper sizes because the cushions may interfere with the proper movement of the breasts.

Different bust sizes require different bras that will properly fit and hug their busts. If you have a very large bust size, you should opt for bras of different sizes. Some of the bust sizes that require bigger bras are: F, G, A, DD, D and beyond. Therefore, before buying a bra for yourself, it is very important for you to determine your exact bust size.

The second question that you should ask yourself when purchasing lingerie is, whether you prefer seamless or molded fabrics. Should women wear one-piece sets with seamless tops or bandeau or perhaps with sister sizes? There are many different types of materials used to make bras. Among them are satin, cotton, polyester, silk and other synthetic fabrics.

Should women wear bras that push-up bras or shelf bras? There are two types of push-up bras: underwire and cupless. Should women wear one with underwire or the other? Some women are sensitive to underwire while some may find the feel of the cupless more comfortable. Most of the time, the underwire bra provides better support since it has an underwires to prevent breasts from moving around while in use.

In addition, if you are going to wear underwire, you might as well select the right bra straps. Should women wear strapless bras? It depends on your personal preference. Some women can wear strapless ones with no problem at all, while others may think otherwise. However, you need to take into consideration the shape of your breast since big busts can’t be supported well by regular bras.

The third question is, "Are you comfortable with underwires?" Underwires are not always comfortable and there are also times when underwire can dig into the skin and cause pain. For this reason, some women choose to skip underwires and go for something else. Some women find that sports bras provide better comfort and support and without the discomfort. If you are a good-holder of breast, you should consider buying some sports bras that have thicker cups with smaller or no underwires.

The fourth question to ask yourself when you need bigger bra sizes is, "Do I love wearing open bras?" Open bras let a woman reveal her chest so her clothing will drape properly and beautifully. When you choose to wear one, you should be aware that you have to get the right bra size. Women with thick chests should purchase bras with bigger cup sizes as they tend to cover more area. Women with smaller chests should stick with bras with smaller cup sizes as these can still look beautiful without covering too much.